Future+ Fridays | Issue14

Fashion and crypto collaboration, NFC Lisbon highlights, The Art of the Runway and more.

Celebrating Friday with our 14th issue.

In this week's newsletter, we share the new collaboration between fashion and crypto, highlight Future+ key moments from NFC Lisbon, explore the use of DPPs, and more. We are also excited to share the launch of The Art of The Runway.

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📖 In this week’s issue

  1. Balenciaga and Ledger team up for a stylish leap into crypto

  2. NFC Summit recap: Highlights from Lisbon

  3. The Art of Runway: Where fashion meets gaming

  4. Digital Product Passports set to revolutionise luxury fashion

  5. The Sandbox launches DAO empowering its gaming community

👩‍💻 Also on our radar, in case you missed it

  1. LVMH and Alibaba Group expand partnership to enhance AI initiatives in China

  2. Shopper frustration mounts over Dolce & Gabbana's metaverse fashion offering

  3. Seamm launches fashion digital product passport on Solana blockchain

  4. Mytheresa and Vestiaire Collective expand partnership

  5. Arab Bank Switzerland reveals digital art prize winner at NFC Lisbon

  6. Dermalogica and HelloBiome use AI to streamline and humanise beauty

  7. FSL launches STEPN GO with social features and GGT Token

  8. Loewe and On Running unveil new capsule and updated logo

  9. Walmart launches Walmart Realm, a virtual shopping platform

  10. First screenless laptops have been shipped

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🔎 Deeper Insights

1- Balenciaga and Ledger team up for a stylish leap into crypto


  • Ledger started shipping its high-end hardware crypto wallet, Ledger Stax.

  • Balenciaga and Ledger collaborated on a stylisg cover for the Ledger Stax.

  • The accessory will launch on Balenciaga’s website in October 2024.

Balenciaga and Ledger, respectively leaders in fashion and cryptocurrency have launched the Balenciaga Ledger Stax Holder as part of a new collaboration. The branded case designed for the Ledger Stax, a portable cryptocurrency device that started shipping this week, resembles a customisable leather passport cover. The collaboration highlights Balenciaga's ability to translate luxury aesthetics into next-gen tech.

Courtesy of Ledger & Balenciaga

The Balenciaga Ledger Stax Holder features a set of customisable charms and a spring-loaded metal loop that attaches easily to belt loops or bag clasps, ensuring the crypto storage stays secure while on the move.

Ledger has been refining its Web3 hardware, with the Ledger Stax drawing comparisons to the iPod Maestro and selling out upon its release in May 2024. The new accessory will be available exclusively on Balenciaga’s website in October. This isn't Balenciaga’s first foray into Web3; as highlighted in last week's newsletter, their recent collaborations have included NFC chips also compatible with the Ledger Stax device. If you ever wondered why you may need a ledger, read Ian Rogers response here.

Why it matters: This collaboration is again a great step in integrating luxury fashion with advanced technology. Balenciaga’s venture into the crypto space broadens the appeal of cryptocurrency by merging it with high fashion. For Ledger, partnering with a prestigious brand like Balenciaga elevates its products, bringing awareness to a broader audience.

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2- NFC Summit recap: Highlights from Lisbon


  • Ashumi Sanghvi, founder of Future+, hosted a fireside chat with Eric Pires, Digital innovation Director at Balenciaga.

  • Future+ curated three panels on the topics of immersive storytelling, future couture and generative AI.

The NFC Summit kicked off on Tuesday with a captivating fireside chat between Eric Pires, Digital Innovation Director at Balenciaga, and Ashumi Sanghvi, founder of Future+. They discussed Eric's extensive background across digital innovation, the highlights and challenges of his recent projects, and his vision for the future of digital innovation in fashion, offering attendees a glimpse into the evolving landscape of the industry.

Future+ also curated the fashion track featuring three insightful panels. The first panel, moderated by Katie Henderson, focused on the impact of Generative AI on the fashion industry. Speakers Louise Laing, PhygitalTwin, Adriana Krawcewicz, Adriana Illustration, and Natalyia Grimberg, Fashion Futurist shared their expertise on how AI is transforming fashion design and production, emphasising the potential for AI to revolutionise the industry.

Courtesy of Future+
Panel 1, 2 and 3

The second panel, led by Blake Lezenski, from Outlier Ventures with Erin Surprenant, Lacoste and Vika Melnikova, DressX, talked into the evolution of couture in the digital space.

Known for their high-end, custom-made quality, couture garments retain these characteristics digitally but leverage advanced tools and unique utilities to enhance designers' visions. Customisation, a core feature of couture, extends to co-creation with communities, presenting opportunities and challenges, particularly around brand IP and legal ownership.

DressX's collaboration with Sandbox, emphasizes the importance of interoperability and digital fashion's role in gaming. Despite the digital shift, craftsmanship remains crucial, with technologies like AI enhancing the artisan element, as demonstrated by DressX's AI try-on and Discord bot.

Digital couture offers creative advantages, allowing for designs that range from ultra-realistic to fantastically otherworldly, expanding the creative possibilities for brands.

The final panel was moderated by Katie Henderson, the focus shifted to immersive storytelling through different mediums. GLITCHOFMIND, Gianluca Boccadifuoco, Muro, and Damara Inglês, Designer and strategist, shared their experiences in using digital platforms to create engaging narratives, highlighting the role of storytelling in fashion's digital transformation.

The Future+ curation concluded with a champagne and networking reception, followed by a fantastic AI film festival and awards. 

Why It Matters: Attending conferences such as NFC Summit is crucial for staying updated on cultural and industry trends, networking with key players, and gaining insights that drive innovation. Mostly, it is also a way to bring together communities across rapidly evolving ecosystems.

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3- The Art of Runway: Where Fashion meets Gaming


  • The Art of Runway is a fashion game launching on June 3rd, 2024 as part of a collaborative project by The Sandbox, bem.builders, Braw Haus, and DRESSX.

  • The game features avant-garde digital fashion designed by Braw Haus artists, enhanced by DRESSX.

  • Digital fashion looks can be worn on avatars in The Sandbox and via AR try-on

  • Digital collectibles will be available on the DRESSX On-chain Marketplace.

The Sandbox, bem.builders, Braw Haus, and DRESSX are unveiling The Art of Runway, an innovative fashion game set to launch on June 3rd, 2024. This project merges the immersive world of gaming with cutting-edge digital fashion, promising an unparalleled experience for players and fashion enthusiasts alike. Constructed by bem.builders, the game showcases exclusive fashion looks designed by talented 3D artists from Braw Haus, enhanced by DRESSX, to be worn on avatars in The Sandbox and in AR for real-life photos and videos.

The digital fashion collection is include three pieces. Guillaume Sauzey's 'Acid Bubble' confronts the suffocating grip of pollution, Teresa Manzo's work draws inspiration from the enchanting beauty of biodiversity, with designs inspired by frogs and butterflies. Lastly, Adri Besada x Ubasm's 'Alien Puffer' blends futuristic and earthly elements, presenting an alien aesthetic.

Guillaume Sauzey - Teresa Manzo - Adri Besada x Ubasm

The collaboration represents the convergence of fashion and gaming. The Art of Runway's digital collectibles, available on the DRESSX Marketplace (here), offer more than just visual appeal. Each piece comes with a set of utilities, including artworks, gated AR filters, avatars from The Sandbox, and wearable airdrops. These wearables also enhance the gaming experience, unlocking additional variations and exclusive in-game access.

Why it matters: The Art of Runway exemplifies the future of digital fashion and gaming, highlighting the growing trend of merging these two industries. This project not only pushes the boundaries of what fashion can be in the digital age but also opens new avenues for interaction and engagement.


  • Digital Product Passports (DPP) will be mandatory for all goods in the EU by 2030.

  • DPPs can offer benefits like authentication, repair and warranty information, and resale capabilities.

  • A recent study highlights luxury consumers' interest in product information, certificate of authenticity, aftercare and repair information.

  • Early adoption provides a competitive edge, despite challenges in supply chain traceability.

In a significant move to enhance transparency and sustainability, the EU will soon require Digital Product Passports (DPP) for all goods (excluding food, animal feed and medicines). Set to take effect from 2026, with full implementation by 2030, this regulation is particularly appealing to luxury consumers who seek to understand the origins and authenticity of their purchases.

A recent study conducted by Authentique, surveyed 333 luxury consumers, it revealed a strong desire for comprehensive product information, including sustainability data and interactive features such as authentication, repair instructions, and resale capabilities. According to Daniella Ott, strategist advisor of Authentique, DPPs present an opportunity for brands to create deeper connections with their customers.

Beyond regulatory requirements, the adoption of DPPs is also a strategic move for luxury brands to differentiate themselves in a competitive market, with a competitive advantage to the one already using them. Embracing DPPs, via NFC or QR codes, can enhance their customer service by offering personalised aftercare and repair services, extending the lifecycle of their products but also an opportunity to give an extra layer to the item, such as AR layers. DPPs can also streamline the resale process by encompassing certificates of authenticity, allowing consumers to easily list and authenticate pre-owned goods, therefore boosting the secondary market and reinforcing brand value.

Why it matters: The introduction of DPPs is transforming the luxury fashion market by offering enhanced customer engagement and loyalty. This not only satisfies their demand for transparency but also facilitates the second-hand market by providing accurate and authenticated product details. Early adopters like Coach, Tod’s, Loro Piana and Boss are already testing them, setting the stage for a broader industry shift. However, brands must navigate challenges related to supply chain traceability and regulatory compliance across different markets to fully leverage the potential of DPPs.

5- The Sandbox launches DAO empowering its gaming community


  • The Sandbox announced the launch of its decentralised autonomous organisation (DAO), The Sandbox DAO.

  • The DAO's launch will allow SAND and LAND owners to vote on governance.

  • Holders and NFT holders can propose improvements and vote on initial Sandbox Improvement Proposals (SIPs).

  • The DAO aims to allow community-driven growth and ecosystem management.

The decentralised gaming platform, The Sandbox has launched its DAO, The Sandbox DAO, to enhance community governance. The initiative is being implemented in three phases, SAND and LAND owners (NFTs representing in-game plots) will be able to vote on governance matters giving the power to influence the platform’s direction.

The first phase, which started on May 28, enables community members to vote on foundational Sandbox Improvement Proposals (SIPs) while the Sandbox staff continues to manage operations. This phase marks the beginning of the community’s active involvement in decision-making, allowing them to propose and vote on projects and improvements. The objective is to establish a system where the community has a significant say in shaping the platform's future.

Courtesy of The Sandbox

The second phase, will aim to make the DAO self-reliant and detached from the parent company. In the third phase, the DAO will become fully operational, enabling a completely community-driven governance model. The Sandbox team has emphasised the importance of a well-executed launch to ensure sustainable growth, allowing for thorough testing and iteration of the DAO’s functionality.

A leadership council will guide the DAO, comprising notable figures such as Sebastien Borget, co-founder and COO of The Sandbox, Yat Siu, chairman of Animoca Brands, Shannon Snow, COO of World of Women (WoW), and Jean-Michel Pailhon, founder of Grail Capital. It will provide strategic direction to ensure the DAO’s successful implementation and operation.

Why It Matters: The launch of The Sandbox DAO represents a shift towards decentralised governance in the gaming industry. By empowering its community to actively participate in decision-making processes from critical fund attribution to next game’s theme, the goal is to create a more engaged and invested user base. This move not only democratises the platform’s development but also pushes innovation and inclusivity, for a community-driven growth in the gaming world.

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