Future+ Fridays | Issue16

Recent announcements from Apple at WWDC24, immersive takeovers by brands at tourist destinations, the upcoming topics at Cannes Lions, how LVMH brands are harnessing AI, and more.

Happy Friday, welcome back for our 16th issue of Future+ Fridays!

We are getting ready for the sun as we head off to the Cannes Lions Festival this weekend.

In this week’s issue, we share more on Apple’s recent announcements from WWDC24, immersive takeovers by brands at tourist destinations, the upcoming topics at Cannes Lions, how LVMH brands are harnessing AI and Web3, as well as a member spotlight on SYKY.

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📖 In this week’s

  1. Spotlight on Apple WWDC24 and what it means for brands

  2. Luxury brand takeovers: transforming resorts into immersive brand experiences

  3. Key themes to expect at Cannes Lions 2024

  4. How LVMH luxury brands are harnessing AI and Web3

  5. Member spotlight: SYKY launches monthly SYKY drops

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🔎 Deeper Insights

1. Spotlight on Apple WWDC24 and what it means for brands

What’s happening: Apple made the headline last Monday with their latest WWDC24 keynote highlighting major updates to iOS and to the Vision Pro (coming to Europe end of the month!), introducing new AI features and immersive experiences that present exciting opportunities for brands.


  • Apple introduced ‘Apple Intelligence’ an advanced AI capability directly within iOS, enhancing accessibility, security, and privacy. The device now fully understand its user as it can track messages, emails and more and it integrated also within Siri. It also includes generative AI features features such as Genmoji, AI-enabled proofreading, and AI photo readers.

  • The Vision Pro received significant updates with VisionOS 2, offering new productivity tools and immersive experiences. Enhancements include spatial photo transformation, new navigation options, travel mode, and immersive 180-degree 8K video to fully immerse yourself.

  • Collaborations with partners like Blackmagic aim to enhance hardware and workflow for the Vision Pro. Blackmagic has introduced the world's first commercial camera and software system for capturing and producing Apple Immersive Video.

  • Brands like J.Crew and ELF Cosmetics are some of the brands already leveraging Vision Pro for AR shopping experiences, allowing virtual product interactions and real-time stylist consultations but also, making shopping more inclusive.

Why it matters: Apple's focus on integrating AI directly into its devices means that users will have smarter, more intuitive technology and ultimately benefit from a virtual personal assistant who understands their phone. For brands, this opens up new avenues to engage with customers in personalised and innovative ways. The Vision Pro's advanced capabilities, like immersive video and spatial photo transformation, allow brands to create unique shopping experiences that go beyond traditional e-commerce. This could revolutionise how products are marketed and sold, making shopping more interactive and accessible, and providing more inclusive shopping and customer engagement.

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2. Luxury brand takeovers: transforming resorts into immersive brand experiences

Dior (St Tropez) - Louis Vuitton (St Tropez) - Valentino (Amalfi Coast)

What’s happening: In recent years, luxury fashion brands have increasingly started to take over resorts, hotels, and restaurants, creating immersive brand experiences for their customers and luxury tourists. This approach allows them to reach a diverse audience in a more engaging and immersive ways.


  • Luxury brands like Dior, Jacquemus and Valentino have set up pop-ups in high-end destinations like St. Tropez and the Amalfi Coast, creating an immersive, full sensory journey with brand’s colours, textures, and scents for their customers.

  • These initiatives of hybrid retail provide a fresh perspective on the luxury market, addressing issues like counterfeiting and the rise of secondhand goods. It is also a great way to drive new businesses.

  • Research has shown that 74% of consumers are more likely to make a purchase based on their experience therefore, those unique branded experiences can increase the resort/hotel revenue as luxury travellers seek unique experiences.

  • Creating those curated and immersive spaces leads to stronger bonds and an increase in brand loyalty as visitors interact in a more personal way. The main challenge in those settings remains balancing accessibility with the need for exclusivity.

Why It matters: The increasing trend of luxury brand takeovers in resorts and hotels represents a significant shift in the luxury travel and retail landscape. By creating immersive and memorable experiences, brands are redefining how they engage with consumers, providing new solutions to market challenges and new approach with an audience seeking experiences. These initiatives not only enhance consumer experiences and loyalty but also presents strong economic opportunities for both the brands and the hospitality industry.

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Courtesy of Cannes Lions

What’s happening: We are excited to be heading to Cannes this weekend! For this new edition of Cannes Lions, it is expected that the festival will definitely explore key themes in AI as it has been center stage since last year. However, this won’t be the only theme, so let’s see what else is expected according to Anthony Yell, chief creative officer at Razorfish.


  • Generative AI will be a main theme, with its role in creative expression, advertising, and design. Expect showcases of successful campaigns using these tools. Discussions will also focus on the impact of AI and how it disrupts the industry, changes in skills, ethical considerations, and customer engagement.

  • A strong topic will be Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), with an emphasis on ethical practices, community impact, and sustainability integration into business strategies.

  • Conversations will ignite around talent management strategies to cultivate a diverse, creative, and positive workplace culture amidst technological advancements.

  • The festival will discuss the continued rising influence of individual creators on marketing strategies and brand engagement, particularly focusing on younger generations.

  • Lastly, expect the festival to explore current consumer behavior and cultural trends to develop effective marketing strategies, addressing cultural shifts and strategic challenges.

Why it matters: Attending Cannes Lions is essential for brands to stay at the forefront of industry innovation, cultural transformations, ethical practices, and consumer engagement. The week will offer invaluable insights into the latest technological advancements, effective marketing strategies, and the importance of integrating CSR into business models. By understanding and embracing these themes, brands can enhance their creativity, authenticity, and overall impact in a rapidly evolving market while staying ahead of the curve.

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4. How LVMH luxury brands are harnessing AI and Web3

Loro Piana ‘Silhouette’ activation at VivaTech

What’s happening: The LVMH group showcased its novelties in Web3 and AI and how its brands are harnessing them, introducing new tools and solutions for its luxury Maisons and consumers at VIVA Tech last month.


  • Bulgari launched a unique mixology experience allowing guests to co-create their own scents using interactive technology and AI. The Maison has also introduced the Bvlgari Digital Passport via Aura Blockchain Consortium this week.

  • Guerlain utilised VR technology to create a multidimensional olfactory landscape, offering an immersive experience with scents, audiovisual features, and 3D technology accessible through a VR headset.

  • Rimowa presented an immersive experience using Apple's new Vision Pro, enabling audiences to explore the brand's travel products through spatial computing and augmented reality.

  • Loro Piana introduced the 'Silhouette' activation, an interactive display that allows users to design digital doppelgängers and style them in virtual garments, aiming to offer a try-before-you-buy service both in-store and online in the future.

  • Dior implemented AI in its new platform Astra with the possibility to extract data and reviews to keep brands closely aligned with consumer preferences, including feedback from various channels.

Why it matters: These advancements demonstrate LVMH's commitment to integrating cutting-edge technology into luxury retail and into their back-end solutions. By leveraging Web3, AI, VR, and AR, the group enhances the consumer experience by offering personalized and immersive interactions, creating stronger ties with customers. This move sets new standards for how technology can be used to engage customers and streamline operations.

5. Member spotlight: SYKY launches monthly SYKY drops

What's Happening: SYKY has launched "SYKY Drops," a monthly series of limited-edition fashion capsules, curated by Artistic Director Nicola Formichetti.


  • SYKY is a platform committed to building the future of fashion, serving as a center for designers and collectors to curate, buy, and sell digital collectibles.

  • Through their monthly ‘SYKY Drops,’ they will feature designers pushing the boundaries of fashion on the first Friday of each month.

  • The first drop features the brand Xtended Identity, a female-led brand aiming to extend everyone’s identity beyond limitations. The brand is worn by celebrities including Grimes, Ozzy Osbourne, and Bad Bunny.

  • The collection debuted with digital and 3D-printed fashion pieces in NYC. It showcased a limited edition capsule including 5 signature pieces.

  • The phygital pieces are available on SYKY.com.

Why It Matters: SYKY Drops brings a fresh and innovative approach to fashion, combining the physical and digital worlds. The collaboration with Xtended Identity, a brand revered by top music industry icons, sets a high standard for future drops. By offering these limited-edition pieces, SYKY bridges the gap between traditional and digital fashion landscapes. As a member of Future+, we are proud to have such a strong network of individual members and brands like SYKY, making significant moves in the evolution of fashion.

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