Future+ Fridays | Issue15

OTB’s brands adopting On-Chain authentication, Givenchy’s Pride activation on Roblox, McLaren racing releases digital collectibles and more.

Welcome back to our 15th issue of Future+ Fridays!

In this week’s issue we share more news on OTB’s brands adopting on-chain authentication, Givenchy’s Pride activation on Roblox, McLaren Racing releases digital collectibles and more.

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📖 In this week’s

  1. OTB will provide traceability and authenticity certification for 1.5 million luxury products

  2. Givenchy pushes LGBTQ+ inclusivity on its Roblox Store

  3. Introducing the Digital Art Mile at Art Basel: a new frontier in art exhibitions

  4. McLaren F1 and OKX launch 'Race Rewind' digital collectibles series

  5. Meta's AI content labels and data use plans provokes backlash 

👩‍💻 Also on our radar, in case you missed it

  1. An AI avatar to replace you in your Zoom meeting

  2. Discover the Best of AI Film: AIFA Awards Winners and Nominees

  3. Versace launches new sneaker collection for AR try-on in Snapchat

  4. IKEA is opening a store in Roblox and looking to hire staff in-game

  5. Chanel's Artistic Director Virginie Viard departs the brand

  6. Tech accelerator aids major museums in Blockchain Projects for youth engagement

  7. Balenciaga goes (really) big for Spring 2025

  8. AI video generator Pika Labs raises 80 million US dollars

  9. Visit The Maison of All Victories and discover LVMH’s multi-dimensional partnership with Paris 2024

  10. Nvidia overtakes Apple as its market capitalisation surpasses $3tn 

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🔎 Deeper Insights

Courtesy of Aura Blockchain consortium

What’s happening: The Italian fashion group, OTB, a founding member of the non-profit organisation, Aura Blockchain Consortium, will provide traceability and authenticity certification for 1.5 million luxury products, starting with its AW24 collection for Maison Margiela, Jil Sander and Marni.


  • The Near Field Communication (NFC) chips will be included in all garments and accessories, with products registered on Aura Blockchain platform.

  • The NFC chip will allow customers to verify product authenticity and origin via their smartphone by simply bringing it close to the NFC chip.

  • The CEO of Marni, Stefano Rosso, has emphasised that this advancement guarantees greater transparency and enhances the luxury client experience but also that integrating blockchain technology will aid in meeting future legislative challenges.

  • OTB's brands include Diesel, Jil Sander, Maison Margiela, Marni, and Viktor & Rolf. The group has previously registered approximately 1.2 million products on the blockchain through NFC chip since 2022.

Why it matters: Embedding the NFC chips within OTB’s brands products ensures that customers can verify authenticity and origin of the items while fighting against counterfeit goods. This is not only strengthening the brands’ relationship with their customers but also aligns with the upcoming EU regulatory requirements, as mentioned in last week newsletters issue.

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2. Givenchy pushes LGBTQ+ inclusivity on its Roblox Store

What’s happening: Givenchy has unveiled a makeover to its Givenchy Beauty House experience on Roblox to celebrate Pride Month this June.


  • Following two years of experimenting with Roblox, Givenchy is the first brand to celebrate Pride on the platform to promote LGBTQ+ inclusivity.

  • The space features rainbows, flags, and an interactive pop-up area with curated collections of wearable items created by users, a makeup station, selfie area, and weekly quests to engage shoppers.

  • This initiative follows their last Roblox activation the 'Festive Winter Escape' which featured a winter wonderland and limited-edition beauty collections.

  • Roblox, with over 71.5 million daily users, offers a valuable opportunity for marketers to connect with Gen Z, who make up more than half Roblox’s user base.

Why It Matters: Givenchy's initiative marks a significant step in promoting LGBTQ+ inclusivity within the digital space for a luxury brand. As brands navigate the complexities of purpose marketing amidst cultural tensions, this pride activation showcases the importance of inclusivity and the potential of virtual platforms like Roblox to connect with younger audiences.

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3. Introducing the Digital Art Mile at Art Basel: a new frontier in art exhibitions

What’s happening: From June 10th to 16th, The Digital Art Mile, by Art Meta, initiated by Georg Bak and Roger Haas, will debut at Art Basel. It is a new digital art fair format showcasing contemporary and historical digital art from internationally renowned galleries and NFT platforms.


  • The event will take place at various exhibition venues near Art Basel in Basel with exhibitors including fx(hash), Makersplace, Cinello, Objkt, Sigg Art Foundation, Blackdove, ArtXCode, amongst others.

  • The Tezos foundation will present Objkt and fx(hash), exploring the physical manifestations of digital art.

  • The Sigg Art Foundation will showcase works by pioneers in the digital art space, Grégory Chatonsky, Justin Aversano ad Ben Elliot. It will also present a collection of 500 algorithmic artworks by Bernar Venet in collaboration with Sotheby’s.

  • Through the week, a daily conference program will cover topics from generative art, blockchain as a medium of art, and the adoption of Web3 technology by museums.

Why It Matters: The introduction of the Digital Art Mile in Basel highlights the growing importance and acceptance of digital art in the traditional art world. The inclusion of conferences on generative art, blockchain, and Web3 technology showcases the transformative potential of digital mediums and their integration into contemporary art practices. This art fair not only broadens the exposure of digital artists but also creates a deeper understanding of the digital art ecosystem among art enthusiasts and collectors.

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4. McLaren F1 and OKX launch 'Race Rewind' digital collectibles series

What’s happening: The McLaren Formula 1 team in partnership with OKX, have announced the launch of the 'Race Rewind' digital collectible series.


  • OKX, a leading Web3 technology company and official partner of McLaren F1 since 2022, is introducing free-to-mint 'Race Rewind' NFTs, with different rarity and lucky prices, for each remaining race in the 2024 F1 calendar.

  • These unique digital collectibles combine multimedia and audio, providing fans with a commemorative artefact from each Grand Prix, allowing them to relive each race.

  • Collecting the entire series of 2024 digital assets makes fans eligible for a special VIP prize, including a VIP McLaren Fan Experience with travel, accommodation, and a lap around the track after the final race in Abu Dhabi next December.

  • The McLaren Formula 1 Team and OKX together aim at building stronger community, introducing new utility to NFTs, and engaging fans on a deeper level.

Why It Matters: The collaboration between OKX and McLaren Racing brings innovative digital experiences to a global fan based. By integrating Web3 technology and offering unique digital collectibles, the launch aims to strengthen the bond between the racing team and its fans. It also provides a new way to engage with the sport, brings the physical and digital worlds together, and highlights the growing influence of blockchain technology in mainstream entertainment and sports.

What’s happening: Meta has started labelling AI-generated content on its platforms and announced plans to use user data for AI training, leading to significant backlash.


Why It Matters: Meta's AI content labelling was meant to increase transparency, but errors have led to some creators' work being wrongly labeled, causing frustration and backlash. This issue was worsened by Meta's plan to use user data for AI training. As a result, many artists are moving to other anti-AI platforms. This situation has, once again, highlighted the need for strong user control over data, showing the conflict between technological progress and protecting individuals and creators' rights.

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